Confessions of a Boudoir Couple

Angela: We didn’t set out to be a boudoir couple.

I had taken photos for him before we were engaged. I needed a gift for a man who had it all or would buy what he desired. I could not come up with a gift and had decided on boudoir photos,but that is another blog all together......

This time, we had gotten engaged without fanfare. Woke up one morning and decided to get married over his lunch break. No real photos for either occasion. Fast forward almost a year. For Christmas his mother wanted a good photo of us as a couple. She asked a little too late to get it for Christmas, but the promise was made. Luke said, “Call your photographer friend. See if she can do some photos for us.”

Enter Jen.

She was more than happy to offer her services through JSP Photography. After some planning, Luke asked, “Do you think she can take some ‘hot pictures, too’?” I knew Jen was not one to judge and so I reached out again.

Jen was more than happy to create the “mom” package that spliced into the “If we aren’t careful, one of us may become a mom” package. Did I say that out loud? I meant to say, she was happy to create a personalized package to fit our needs.

Once again, I wanted to have my hair and makeup professionally done and Meghan Whalen with (Fleurt Beauty Company) was available for my shoot. I was very excited. Meghan did such an amazing job last time. I was ready to have the gang together again!

My hair and makeup were perfect. It was time to get down to business....

The first photo was a replication of art that was on the walls of our bedroom.

Luke stepped up to pose me, add props, etc. Jen took a step back. Not intimidated, but appreciative of his eye and willingness to get the shot he wanted.

The next hour blew past.

There were couple photos for mom.

Couple photos that would make his mom blush and my mom would proudly share.

Photos of just me.

A blend of everything that we wanted.

The majority of the time Jen was a voyeur. Not in a creepy way. In the sense that she encouraged us to be ourselves and interact as if she wasn’t there. I would get lost in moment and occasionally the sound of the shutter closing would whisper in the background.

My private boudoir session was sexy and empowering. I felt beautiful and on top of the world. My couple’s session was intimate and somehow made me feel more connected to my husband than I ever felt before.

It was sexy and fun, but gentle and intimate. I would never have thought that there was a level of intimacy that we were missing. We found couple’s boudoir and a new level of connection.

Luke: I’ll be honest; I don’t particularly enjoy having my picture taken.

Jen, however, made absolutely every part of the experience easy and relaxed. Losing myself in the moment with my wife was so easy to achieve that after a few moments I nearly forgot Jen was even is in the room.

"To me, my wife is a work of art."

We have pictures throughout our home. When I looked certain pieces, I could see Angela in them. Jen helped bring that to fruition. There was no judgement, but there was absolute attention to detail.

As a note for other husbands, this is completely painless experience for you. You won’t have to go through the make-up, the hair-styling, and the repeated wardrobe changes unless, I suppose, you wanted to.

Jen works at her client’s pace and within the boundaries of their comfort level.

Give it a try, you might enjoy it. Your spouse definitely will, and that’s a win in any man’s league.


Angela & Luke

hair & makeup: Meghan Whalen/Fleurt Beauty Company

restaurant: Cazabe

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