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Preface: I received a message months ago during the winter time asking if I photographed boudoir outdoors. Heck yes!!! Outside boudoir is my favorite!! Okay, I have a lot of favorites, but seriously, outside boudoir is a dream for so many reasons. But, you just cannot beat natural light when it comes to boudoir, (in my opinion anyways). We messaged back and forth a few times throughout winter and spring, with springtime and a garden setting our goal! Sadly, Mother Nature and timing just didn't add up so Sam suggested her place. I'm always a little hesitant when photographing boudoir in home because the lighting is out of my control. I'm not familiar with what I'll be working with and it's just out of my comfort zone. But after this session, I've come to realize that I actually love in home boudoir now!

Check out this bride to be's in home session!!

So, I’m getting married in October, and I had heard about boudoir pictures and thought they would be pretty cool to have. A gift for my future husband and immortalize myself in film while I’m still young. I thought about this picture my dad has of my mom in his office. It was taken when they were a little younger then I am now, they were just messing around with a camera, being young and in love, with my mom in a bikini. It is so sexy and my mom loves to look back at that picture and remember how good she looked. I knew I wanted something similar.

So I started looking around for photographers, there were a lot of options! I couldn’t use my wedding photographer since she lives at my destination wedding location of Vermont. I looked into another photographer, who I had wanted to initially hire for my wedding, but her pictures were a bit stiff and similar to each other and she had some restrictions on hair and makeup I didn’t really like. Finally I found Jennifer with Bombshell Boudoir and liked her style. She had photos outside, which was a big positive for me, all her girls looked different and unique with different settings and poses and her price was perfect!

She was laid back and worked with my crazy schedule this summer. She helped me decide on where we would take the pictures. Suddenly, although I loved the idea of taking pictures outside, I realized I’d be in my underwear in a public park! I thought about it and decided I’d just be more comfortable in my home, which luckily is like a park #middleofnowhere. We set a date and price and I started getting excited! I shopped around for some lingerie and did my research on what I wanted. Decided I only wanted one look so I could change locations around my farm.

Then the date quickly approached and I was ready. I cleaned my house and rearranged my furniture to get the best lighting and prepped myself for this. Started getting a little nervous, but then Jennifer and Meaghan Whalen, of Fleurt Beauty, showed up and calmed me down. They were just so friendly, professional and positive I forgot to be nervous and just chatted with them like we had been friends for forever! Meaghan made me look so beautiful, and gave me exactly what I was looking for! With looking so good I was ready to change into my sexy outfit and get started!

We took so many pictures, which was a bit exhausting holding the poses but Jennifer made it easy. She positioned my body perfectly and had so many ideas! We made use of the huge bay window in my living room and I felt like I was transported to a sexy hotel for a Top Model Photo shoot!

Then we went outside and she listened to where I wanted to go and came up with ideas along the way that lead to some amazing shots!

I never felt rushed and she checked against my Pinterest to make sure that all the poses I had wanted to do were covered in some way. I was shocked when in a week I got to see my pictures for the first time and was hard to pick just 25 pictures!

I want to show them to my friends and brag about how damn good I look!

It was just a fantastic experience and I know my future husband is going to love these pictures! Thank you so much Jennifer for an incredible experience. It is definitely something I hope to do again, as a present to myself!


Bombshell Samantha

Hair & Makeup Artistry by: Meaghan Whalen of Fleurt Beauty Company

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