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Preface: When I first received a message from this client, it wasn't actually the client. It was a friend of hers and I didn't know what to expect because from the name and the photo on this person's email, the friend was clearly a man and I thought his "friend" was actually him! I thought that I was going to be be doing my first transgender boudoir? Which btw I am totally happy to do! I am definitely LGBTQIA friendly, but nope this was just a really awesome gift from one friend to another!! We need more friends like that in the world!!!

And when this lady arrived I knew we were going to have a blast!! For every client, I always start their sessions off with poses that get them used to the camera where they're not even looking at me yet. Ya know, the standard legs up on the headboard poses. It's not even until a few minutes in that I even ask my bombshells to look at me/my camera. I try to make their session as comfortable as possible. And yes, a lot of bombshells will ask if they can have nude or topless photos and I have no problem taking them at all, I'm not easily shocked or offended and I've seen it all so it's not really anything to me for a bombshell to take it all off. Usually though, that happens at the end, lol. Not with this one!! It was the exact opposite!! She came right in the room and got right up on the bed without a stitch on and said "I'm Ready!!"

This one, wasn't shy in the least! She was full of exuberance and I absolutely loved her personality and spirit and confidence! She had the most confidence I've ever seen in a woman and I wish every single woman in the world had her attitude!

Rock it Ladies!!! FLAUNT IT!!!! Love your Body! You only get one!!! EMBRACE IT! LOVE IT!

Now, let's hear a bit about this Bombshell's experience ;)

to make website people happy, all naughty bits have been covered up :)

April 14th Jen turned me out!

It was my first time being a bombshell and I had an awesome time. You would have thought I've known those ladies a lifetime!

Jen and her team were amazing. We laughed, talked, and joked. We had to stop talking just to get to the shoot, lol.

All in all it was a great experience and I can't wait to become a returning bombshell! Not to mention my pictures!! My lawd! Those pictures came out looking amazing!

Oh and guess what? Me being me, I've given Jen the green light to share my photos of her choice to you all! Hope y'all enjoy them as much as I do!!


Latisha Bombshell

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