"He Loves Me"

Preface: If you know me at all, you know that I love to push the envelope. I love edgy, risque, different and dark things. When I received a message from this featured bombshell about her ideas for a boudoir shoot, I got super excited!! It was like Christmas for me! She wanted to do a photo shoot covered in blood, with bloody axes, (fake of course....well the blood was fake, not the axe, or any other weapon she brought, lol.) I don't remember whose idea it was to fill the bath tub with blood, but ooooooooooommmmmmmmy god yessssssss!!!!! It was by far the most fun boudoir session ever! I can't tell you how many people Nicole caught off guard when their elevator doors opened to reveal an axe wielding woman soaked in blood, or how many people took video of us as she stalked up that gorgeous marble staircase trailing her bloody hands along the way. It was a truly epic photo shoot!! We went through soooooooo much blood, and I can only hope my husband and I did a good enough clean up to be able to book there again! ;) Let me introduce you to the axe wielding badass herself.......our featured blogger Nicole Bombshell!!

Let me start off by saying that this was one of the BEST DAYS ever and something I definitely was in need of!

Let’s get a tad personal here for a moment, I had just came out of a pretty nasty break up from a pretty nasty relationship... I was in desperate need to connect with ME again, the absolute REAL ME and I had found a new love that has shown me that ME is worth being loved! SO, I reached out to Jennifer from a couple great friends of mine that did a couples shoot with her (Thanks Kayli and Tony) and ran by her the idea of a Bloody/Horror themed shoot and we completely ran with it!!

I have always been a big fan of macabre, horror, blood etc... to say I’m a little Sadistic is an understatement so naturally being a big fan of all this I was turned on to the World of Special Effects and Makeup! I did my own makeup for this shoot and made bottles upon bottles of “blood” to use, and Boy Did We Ever, every last drop was used!!

I went into this a tad nervous but after conversing with Jennifer prior to the shoot the nerves left and I was even more excited for Shoot Day to come!!!

Shoot day-Walking through the streets of Baltimore with a bag of props and blood, props that included a Long Axe, Machete, and my trusty “Wicked” (Negan style bat) that was handmade by yours truly and with the help of someone pretty amazing in my life 🖤!

Entering that beautiful hotel was like a dream, I instantly saw so many ideas in my head of what we could do (and we did) Like Bloody handprints up and down that beautiful white, marble staircase! I have done boudoir before but never like this, this was the first time I was ever allowed to be myself and Jennifer made it effortless! We laughed so hard at times that it was difficult to keep that straight, mean, scary look about me! Those poor people in the hotel must’ve thought we were nuts, but it was great to see some expressions!

I was so comfortable working with her and I really can not wait to do more things with her, some collaborations are definitely in order! I have suggested Jennifer over and over again to everyone!! No matter is you’re shy or not she will make you feel comfortable and amazing about yourself! Thanks again for the amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again!!


Nicole Bombshell

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