Confessions of a Boudoir Virgin

Preface: A month ago I posted on my website after my own boudoir experience that I would love one of my own boudoir client's to blog about their experience. I received this email this morning from one of my bombshells regarding her boudoir experience. I was in tears after reading. THIS IS WHY I LOVE WHAT I DO!!! We, as women are so hard on ourselves, and if I can for a moment make a woman feel empowered, sexy, happy, confident and all those other adjectives that we as women need to feel more of, then I've done my job!! This is Angela's account of her experience.....

From time to time I thought it might be fun to do boudoir photos, but I never invested the time to research it. Then...I needed a birthday gift for the boyfriend who can and does buy what he wants when he wants it. And the research began. There were so many things to consider. Who knew? I checked out websites and Facebook pages, sent inquiries and then I found the winner. Jennifer at Bombshell Boudoir of Baltimore was professional and classy and offered everything I could ask for. The easy part was decided. Now it was time to have the melt down.

The pictures are for the boyfriend. Obviously he thinks I am amazing and beautiful, but am I ready to play model? I have scars. And a belly. And I have never liked my thighs. WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Okay. Deep breath. He doesn’t know I am doing this. If it’s a crash and burn, he never has to know. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Melt down over. Now it’s time to have fun. Props, clothing and all things sexy. A baby doll and a teddy. Easy enough. Garter belt and stockings. No problem. A quick trip to the shoe store for a pair of “hooker heels”. Now what? Into his closet. I found the t-shirt he bought at Book of Mormon. B.O.M. was my first Broadway show and the shirt says, “I am going to man up all over myself”. This isn’t a home run. It’s a double! Further into the closet I find the flogger that he bought, but hasn’t used. And the blind fold that he has used. A simple pair of panties that show off the heart of my bum and I am all set.

A few days before the shoot my eyes cross two things in his home office. My copy of a book called, 'The Porning of America' and a Vault Boy ornament from Fallout 4.The photog might think I am weird, but these pics are for Luke and these items will make him smile. In the bag they go.

When I arrive at the studio Jennifer opens the door, camera in hand and smile on her face. Shit just got real. We discuss what I brought and what style photos I am looking for. Why am I so damn nervous?? Or is this sheer excitement? Either way, I am ready to come out of my skin.

My stylist, Meaghan (Whalen with Fleurt Beauty Company), arrives and the vibe in the room jumps a few notches. She is high energy and beautiful and commands a room. We have a brief consult about what I am wearing and what style I am working to achieve and she starts my hair and makeup. I feel like I am on the set of my own show and everything in that room is revolving around me. Wait! That isn’t just a feeling. That was my reality. This was ALL ABOUT ME! How. Freaking. Exciting.

Time for outfit number one. Teddy, garter, stockings, heels. I am so glad my girl Angela was there because I owned the garters and stockings, but I had never put them on! There were buttons and adjustments and I was sure Jennifer would have an intimate knowledge of me before the hour was up…but first things first. The music was pumping. I am smiling. Not smiling. Being seductive. Jen hands me the flogger and says, “Give me that bitch look” and Pharrell responds with “Happy”. DJ…let’s change up that music!

Outfit 2 goes off without a hitch and then we don outfit number three and head outside. Yes, outside! Nothing too racy, but racy enough that I felt like a naughty girl who could rule the world! I was outside wearing something that I would not wear to greet the delivery guy and it felt empowering. Inside for a few more shots before we get down to just some panties. Heel hooked into g string shot and DONE!

The hour went by quickly, but I didn’t feel “jipped”. I felt invigorated. Empowered. Beautiful. Jen flipped through the pics quickly. She didn’t want to give me a chance to over critique and the truth is, I was on such a high, I didn’t want to give myself the chance to feel self-conscious.

Less than two weeks later I received notice that my proofs were in the gallery. I stared at the email. I wanted to look. I didn’t want to look. I had to look. Deep breath and go! I LOOK HOT!!! I LOOK AMAZING!! I LOVE ME!!! Who can I share these with? Why is Luke’s birthday so many weeks away? I want to show him right now. I want to show EVERYONE!!

Truth be told…the rest of the day was a loss. I just kept going back into my email to look at those photos again. I am 2 months shy of 40 and have never felt sexier. This was supposed to be a gift for Luke, but it was a gift to myself.

So, what you really want to know is what he thought, right? I thought I loved the pictures. I thought I looked sexy. He couldn’t take his eyes off the pictures. He loves them. He couldn’t find fault with one nor can he pick a favorite. What he did do was tell me the order in which he will make each of them his wallpaper on his computer.

It was only 6 weeks ago that I had my first boudoir session and I already want to schedule another. New addiction.


Bombshell Angela

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