Best Christmas Present Ever

Preface: Merry Christmas Bombshells!!!! This is the last guest blogger of 2017!! I have been so fortunate to meet so many amazing women this year, and so thankful and grateful to those that have allowed me to show their beauty and their experiences with their session. Every single time I read one of their blog posts I tear up. Every single time I am reminded that THIS IS WHY I DO IT!!! I could go on and on and gush about that, but I'm pretty sure I have before. I can tell you that when a client books me for a session for themselves, I love it!!! Sure, I love when clients book me for presents for their significant others, but when they're doing it for themselves, that somehow makes me feel so honored that they've chosen me to help celebrate their confidence, and there is no other sexier attribute than confidence! It truly is the best present; Christmas, or otherwise that you can do for yourself.

Let me tell you about this ultra-sexy confident bombshell that was game for anything!! When I asked her how she felt about going outside, she was down! When I timidly asked her if she would lay down in a field, outside in 40 degree weather, she didn't bat an eye. And when I pulled out the Christmas lights, her eyes lit up! She was not only a dream boudoir client, but a dream to photograph period and she is definitely going in the muse category!! So queue up your music to play "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac, because every time I look at Lindsay's photos that song plays in my head....probably because she resembles the singer Rihanna, and that song is about an enchanting, powerful woman and Lindsay definitely embodies that. **(but then queue the Zeppelin right after, to get that sexy rock n roll vibe that epitomizes this bombshell!!)

So without further adieu, our December Bombshell Lindsay....

Let’s talk about sex(y pictures), baby!

As a perpetually single 33 year old female, I don’t often find the opportunity to have racy photos of myself taken, as those are typically something you’d reserve for a significant other.. or so I’ve been told.

After seeing the incredibly beautiful photos that my friend Baylee bravely shared.. how could I not seize this opportunity for sexy pictures? I’m not getting any younger!

In the weeks leading up to my boudoir session, I was growing increasingly nervous. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to ease myself into something so out of my comfort zone. I underestimate myself often and this situation was no different.

I followed Jen’s email instructions to a T.. even writing myself my own checklist as not to forget anything the morning of.

I arrived about 20 minutes prior to my scheduled time slot. Meaghan was finishing up hair and makeup for the client ahead of me. Immediately, I felt at ease with the the light hearted and fun atmosphere in the studio. Jen had music playing and there was plenty of conversation and laughing. My anxiety melted away.

When it was my turn for hair & makeup, I let Meaghan do what she thought was best as this was only my second professional makeup application and I trust the judgment of a professional more than my own! Meaghan did a wonderful job giving my hair volume and waves that I could never achieve in front of my bathroom mirror. My makeup looked sexy and appropriate for the boudoir theme with a smoky eye and berry lips.

After my hair and makeup application was complete, Meaghan even took the time to help me decide on outfits and poses while Jen was finishing up with the previous client.

The time had come for me.. the moment I had been eagerly, nervously, apprehensively anticipating since I initially conversed with Jen at the beginning of October. I had the option to bring a friend, or some liquid courage.. I opted to skip both of those and I am really glad that I did!

Jen instructed me to go ahead and get changed into my outfit of choice. After I was changed, we sat down and she gave me some pointers and asked if there were any body parts or features that I would prefer she avoid. I have never been a fan of my side profile, or my belly and she put my mind at ease by discussing these insecurities with me beforehand. I felt very confident that she would do her best to appease me. She asked if I had any suggestions for music and we both happily agreed on some Led Zeppelin.

For my first outfit,

I chose an oversized

white button up mens’ shirt

with black mesh panties and

knee high wool socks.

If I had intended to gift these photos to a boyfriend,

I would’ve used “his” shirt,

but with no boyfriend in sight,

I ran to Target that morning and bought a shirt for myself.

I wanted the pictures taken in that shirt to be playful,

and was elated when Jen suggested incorporating a

candy cane while

I straddled a chair.

After completing the pictures with that outfit, I changed into my sheer black lingerie set. Jen asked if I was willing to go outside for pictures, I excitedly agreed. I was surprising myself and going with the flow.

We headed to a field next to the studio as the sun was beginning to set. The lighting was spectacular! I could not believe that I was standing half naked in a field off of York Road in sheer lingerie. Who was this person!? It was empowering and more importantly, it was FUN! Not only was I comfortable in front of Jen, I was comfortable with myself and with the risk of strangers seeing me in my skivvies.

We took a variety of pictures in the field while standing, laying down, sitting up, etc. It was cold but it was worth it. The scenery and natural lighting were perfect.

Before heading back into the studio, we took some pictures on the beautiful staircase and wrought iron banisters outside.

Back in the warmth of the studio, I changed into my final outfit.. thigh highs, sheer panties and a black bustier complete with heeled Mary Janes. This was far more lingerie than I have ever worn for a man. Who better to go all out for than yourself?

Jen suggested using Christmas lights for some of these photos to which I very excitedly agreed. I laid on the floor with Christmas lights strategically placed around my body. Jen turned off the studio lights and it looked as if I were surrounded by little candles. We did a variety of poses on the floor, some of which require core strength that I unfortunately do not possess. It wasn’t long before I was shaking from trying to steady myself into a position with my legs bent in the air. Time to hit the gym!

Now it was time to get back onto the bed for some booty shots! Jen placed the lights around my rear and shot away. It was nice not to worry about what facial expression I should be making since these were mainly focused on one of my favorite ASSets.

After the booty shots, it was time to take the picture I had been anticipating the most.. legs up against the wall in bed. My legs are my favorite body part, the one thing about myself that I have never been insecure about.

I am 5’10” and my legs encompass about ¾ of my body.. I wanted to take advantage of that. Jen took a couple shots with my legs up and crossed while I laid my arms over my head.

Next, she wrapped the Christmas lights around my legs and took a few shots using those. Then, we were done!

I have never had professional pictures taken, aside from wedding party photos or Christmas photos at Olan Mills circa 1988. Jen did an outstanding job being sensitive to my insecurities and keeping that in mind while shooting. She made me feel comfortable around her, the environment and in my own skin. I would highly recommended a boudoir shoot to anyone and everyone, single or married. This was a gift to myself and I am so pleased with my decision to do it. I have only one regret.. too much resting bitch face! I wish I would’ve thrown a smirk or a smile in more often.

Jen, I cannot thank you enough for being so fun and easy to work with! When I am old and wrinkly, I hope to look back at these photos with a smile on my face in awe.


Bombshell Lindsay

hair and make-up artistry: Meaghan Whalen / Fleurt Beauty Company

all images by: Jennifer Schaefer/Jennifer Schaefer Photography/Bombshell Boudoir of Baltimore

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