Preface: She had me at Mohawk....

If I could create my ideal boudoir client/model than she is it. Tattoos, piercings, sexy as hell, confident as hell, up for anything! Baylee is my quintessential dream model. No offense to any of my other clients because I love them all in different ways but if I had to make a boudoir client wish list, Baylee would have all those checkboxes marked!

She is very shy and quiet, at least she was at our session, at first! I now am assuming those were nerves because before her session during our chat she informed me that the sexier and racier the better, and that was all she needed to say. We began streaming her playlist that included an array of music from the 70's to the 90's, and got to shooting.

I've been shooting boudoir for almost four years now, it's my favorite and this session, I'd have to say is my absolute favorite session that I've shot so far. Almost every single image was just pure gold, sharp af, dreamy, flawless and absolute perfection. I could've delivered every single image straight from my camera without a single edit if I wanted to. And that is a perfect photo session! ~ Jennifer Schaefer

I had my first boudoir experience with Jennifer and her team. To say I am addicted is an understatement!

I left feeling so beautiful, and confident. I tend to be shy in front of a camera, but Jen's team was so phenomenal in making me feel sexy, comfortable, and eager to get that perfect pose my boyfriend will drool over.

I went into this experience with a basic understanding of what I had to do, but of course my mind was running wild with nerves. I am so impressed with their ability to lighten the mood and break me out of my shell! Jennifer's talent is PHENOMENAL, I am amazed at the level she went to get the perfect shot. She made sure I felt comfortable, and asked what I wanted to see, what I didn't want to see in the finished product. What I wanted was truly her main focus and that made me feel great. She is a true artist and it's evident she absolutely loves what she does!

Meaghan was fantastic with my makeup, she gave me exactly what I wanted! I couldn't have asked for a better experience with her. Between Jen knowing her stuff, and Meaghan being crazy talented with hair and makeup, I know these photos will make my anniversary one to remember! This is definitely not the last shoot I will have with this team! Every woman should have this experience at least once in their lives. I seriously cannot thank these ladies enough!


Bombshell Baylee

photography by Jennifer Schaefer/Bombshell Boudoir

make-up artistry by Meaghan Whalen of Fleurt Beauty Company

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