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  • Jennifer Schaefer

Couple's Boudoir

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Let's play a game.

Close your eyes and think of the word 'couple's boudoir photography'.

What did you envision?

Did you imagine, you and your partner wrapped up in each other's arms under the sheets in a photographer desperately moves around the room as inconspicuously as possible, to capture some intimate moments between you two??

Well, if that is what you envisioned, then you would be mostly right ;)

Unless of course, you had an idea... A dark, twisted, horrifying KILLER idea!!

And that is exactly what Megan had in mind when she contacted me for her couple's boudoir photo session. And since I have a huge affinity for anything dark & twisted myself, I was more than psyched to bring her Halloween vision to life! (or death) ;)

Maryland Bombshell/Boudoir Photography/Bel Air, MD

I met Megan and her family at a special photo session I was offering years ago, and I have been honored to capture many more family memories for them since. She is a fellow creative that loves to include her boys into her photography ideas, and they are always perfect models. We once channeled her love for Disney into a Beauty and the Beast themed photoshoot among the gorgeous tulips at Sherwood Gardens, where both of her sons wore little tuxedos and pretended to be little beasts and little love monsters :)

But, this time would be a bit different ;)

This time was just for Megan and Drew.

Maryland Bombshell/Boudoir Photography/Bel Air, MD

Luckily, I live a few steps away from a little wooded area where we were able to run around half naked (well, just Megan) without terrorizing anyone too much. I brought along my little bluetooth speaker to get us all into the spirit with some spooky tunes and Drew donned the infamous Michael Meyers mask and trademark knife and we had a bloody good time!!

Couples boudoir photography can be anything you want it to be!

Yes, you can get all those lovey dovey passionate shots (helloooooo check out that kiss above!) But you can also have fun with it! If you wanted to run around the woods half naked with your Prince Charming disguised as the Big Bad Wolf then why can't you?

You can!

You can make your intimate photo session be anything you want it to be! And if that includes a Halloween mask and some fake blood, then I AM ALL FOR IT!

Throw your preconceived notions of boudoir photography and couple's boudoir photography out the window!


Damn right it can!



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