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5 Facts @ Me!

believes that music, laughter, a walk in the park and a long soak in a tub is  the best  therapy you can get.

To quote Lydia from Beetlejuice

"I myself, am strange and unusual"

hair color changes frequently, natural blonde at heart <3

I have  NO willpower when it comes to Godiva dark chocolate caramels,

and bringing me some may result in extra photos for you ;)  

lover of glitter, rainbows, unicorns, tattoos, 

poetry, black n white photos, (especially of trees), rainy/foggy days, all things halloween, 

pretty much anything dark & gothic in nature  

Hey Beautiful!

Congratulations!!  You made it!  If you're reading this, chances are you are interested in booking a boudoir session and that in itself is a reason to celebrate!  They say the first step is always the hardest, so it's all a cake walk from here ;)  

If you've found your way here through a google search then Welcome!!  My name is Jennifer Schaefer, you can call me Jen, and I would love to meet you and hopefully shoot (photograph) you.

I've been a professional boudoir photographer for about five years now, and while I do photograph other subject matter, boudoir is my passion!  It's not only extremely fun, but the most rewarding "job" I've ever had.  I don't consider it a job, because I would do this for free if I could afford it, lol.  I love it!!  I get super excited when I think up a pose during a session that we nail perfectly.  Anything for the shot is definitely one of my motto's.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful!

My goal during a boudoir session is to make you feel beautiful.  Not just on the outside, but on the inside too.  Because there is nothing more beautiful and sexier than a confident woman.  Nothing makes me feel better than when I receive that follow up message from one of my bombshells, after I send them their photo galleries, telling me how much they love them and how they can't believe that's them!  That's why I do this!  I am hopefully giving back a reminder to you/women of how beautiful they are!  I want them to look back at their photos, and instantly feel as amazing as they felt at that time, or at the time when they saw their finished photos and realized just how much of a bombshell they truly are!  

If you've got it, Flaunt It!!  

Forget what Barbie,  Disney and society told you.  Embrace those curves.  Curves ARE sexy ladies!!!  Curves make the world go round!!  Curves are needed to hold on to, because you are a sexy badass woman and you need to tell yourself that EVERY SINGLE DAY!!  Whether you have little curves or big curves, little dimples or big dimples, no lines or lots of lines, you need to celebrate your body!!  You get ONE of them, so why are you hiding it?  Why are you not loving it?  Embrace it!   

You are beautiful!  Say it aloud and with me


and say it again because you didn't say it loud or convincing enough:


Damn right you are!  

now book your session and prove it!!  



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Bombshell Raves & Reviews 

“thank you SO MUCH again for such an amazing experience today! I had an ABSOLUTE blast! I loved meeting you and getting to know you and I know just from the shots you showed me on the camera that these are going to be absolutely amazing images that both Matt and I will love! We will DEFINITELY do a couples shoot in the near future and I imagine I’ll be back for a solo one again for a birthday or anniversary gift down the line! Was too much fun not to repeat!.” 

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